Filters, filters, filters everywhere. Do not get overly excited in using those filters , may it be on Instagram, VSCO or Camera360. Try to edit your photos in minimal so that you can challenge yourself to take good pictures and not rely on filters to make it nice. One more thing! Sharpen your photos right to achieve that DSLR-ish quality!



Captions. This is the hardest part on posting on Instagram. Do your research first by knowing the meaning of the subject you took, the place description, read articles, reviews or just go with your emotions or state of mind. Not only that you’ll learn something new, but also your caption will come out naturally!

Posted by:Myke Motus

An advertising arts practitioner, visual artist, content creator, visual journalist, social media manager, photographer and dreamer based in Singapore.

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    1. My pleasure! Don’t forget to share it on your Facebook wall or friends so that we can make our Instagram feed artsy fartsy everytime we scroll! Thank you!


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