Sexy, smart and strong, words that best describes my bff and ex-housemate Dawn Chang as she conquers the television with her hosting skills, acting, dance moves, oozing sex appeal, interesting personality, kitchen skills and just being real.

A dance teacher, performer, cupcake business owner, tv host and social media star. Dawn and her boyfriend Cam have a YouTube channel English-Tagalog 101 that took social media by storm by teaching her boyfriend Cam to speak Tagalog in his Aussie accent. Numerous shares and smiles have been shared online with their videos that every Filipino and friends of Filipinos adores everytime they watch their clips.

She became a Pinoy Big Brother 737 Housemate that people either hate or love. She is a strong-willed petite Malaysian-Filipino who grew up with two mothers. A unconventional family set-up which makes her character distinct, brave and independent.

Dawn is known of being frank inside the PBB house and so as outside. It is actually a good thing which majority of the Filipinos don’t seem to practice. It is being straight to the point and no sugar coating involved, that is easier to deal with. Maybe we just basically just grew up with our overly-dramatic teleseryes thats why we love all the suspense and dramas.

For the past few weeks, she showed herself, her being real and being God-fearing human being that always asked for God’s will and power. For that, she won the title as 4th Big Placer. Now everyone clearly saw her strength, determination, and faith and people continued on supporting her even outside the Kuya’s house.

Follow her journey outside PBB House as a Star Magic Talent on It’s Showtime, Umagang Kay Ganda and other ABS-CBN shows. Check her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter official accounts for updates.

Posted by:Myke Motus

An advertising arts practitioner, visual artist, content creator, visual journalist, social media manager, photographer and dreamer based in Singapore.

5 replies on “MEET: Dawn Chang

  1. i like dawn very much i like the way she show her natural attitude and her very strong personality,.Im so amazed to her talents,physical and ofcourse to her Personality, .thats why i been voted her many times. im happy to know her more and thats becoz of you myke motus im a BIG FAN of @ilovedawnchang

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  2. Ilove dawn♡♥♥she so stronger person, and talented .at kung moron man dpat hangaan skanila HM c Dawn un. ..dhil nkita ntin paanu cya lumaban sa lhat ng pag subok..(task) at kung paanu zia nag pkatatag sa mga pang huhusga sa kanya! !!



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